Talent Untapped: 

Unlocking Innovation and Excellence 
with the Power of 
Diversity & Inclusion


We combine journalistic story-telling and change management expertise to deliver strategies and tools that engage and activate your audiences.


Our commitment to building workplaces and communities 
that thrive is built on lived experience and shaped by a deep understanding of cultural and gender diversity and disability inclusion.

Meet Anna-Karina

Anna-Karina is a communications executive and journalist who directs her deep expertise to help progressive organizations become leaders in Diversity and Inclusion. She leverages an extensive global network of experts in cultural and gender diversity, Indigenous relations and disability inclusion. This work is deeply personal because of her own lived experience.​

Her advocacy work led to the production of the acclaimed documentary film Talent Untapped about talent with disabilities. Anna-Karina sharpened her storytelling skills as a journalist and the host of the award-winning TV series Canada in Perspective” exploring issues surrounding disability and ageing. 

Anna-Karina sits on the Board of Directors of the Vanier Institute of the Family.

"Anna Karina has taken experienced corporate leaders and made them more effective as leaders and spokespersons. Anna-Karina is a true professional in every sense of the word."

- The Honourable David Pratt, Canada's 36th Minister of National Defence  

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