Closer, kinder conversations.

We’re all trying to figure out what happens next during this Covid-19 era. One thing it's teaching me is to have closer, kinder conversations. 

Episode 1 : Operation Critical: A Doctor's Perspective 

Dr. Glenny Advincula is a specialist in advanced heart failure and cardiac tansplantation. She performs the most complex cardiac surgeries in Manila, Philippines. Her husband VJ is a surgeon. He recently did an emergency abdominal procedure on a patient who is waiting for his covid test result. To add to their immensely stressful jobs, they also perform a critical new routine -- disinfecting their personal respirators. They had to purchase their own because of the shortage of PPE. 

Glenny and I last saw each other four years ago while she was working in Canada at the Ottawa Heart Institute. She's back in the Philippines, saving lives there while trying desperately to protect her own. She is fully aware of the risks, yet she remains calm and positive. 


Between heart surgeries and patient consults, Glenny and I caught up recently. She shared her thoughts about mental health, mask culture and the emergence of tele-medicine.

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