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Our cover image includes the “More Talent Untapped” logo and the profile of a white faucet on a purple background. Several white tiles with purple icons pour out of the tap. Each icon represents a disability, including a wheelchair in motion, a service dog, hands signing, a brain, a person with a cane.

They’ve mastered change and uncertainty. They’re disruptors and innovators by necessity. During these challenging COVID times, they have some lessons to help us live and lead better. Anna-Karina Tabuñar brings us stories of people we don't usually see or hear from - people with disabilities.

A podcast about strength in difference, diversity and inclusion, More Talent Untapped is made possible by our sponsors RBC and EARN - the Employment Accessibility Resource Network, an initiative of United Way East Ontario.


Ep1- Talent Untapped

Ep2- Blind Ambition

Ep3- Hiring Different 

Ep4 - Kindness vs Depression 

Ep5- Parkinson's Lessons

Episode 6

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