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Reframe Disability as a Differentiator

Turn your disability into your differentiator. That’s the advice to job-seekers from long-time recruiter Sharon Singh, a Human Resources business partner with Canada’s largest bank, RBC. She proactively seeks out and develops talent with disabilities.

“I know the hesitations, myths and misunderstandings. But I also know the long-term value of hiring a person with a disability and what they can offer,” says Sharon. “Job-seekers need to highlight their unique strengths and the way they can do things differently with equal or greater success than their non-disabled peers.”

Highlight skills that you use on a daily basis because your life is dependant upon those skills: meticulous planning and preparation, superior physical and virtual navigation, managing change. All these skills require incredible innovation and creativity.

Sharon also sees the current isolation and work-from-home situation as an opportunity for employers to offer more flexible work options.

“Remote work is no longer viewed as an accommodation or perk. This global pandemic has busted the myth that work can only be done in the office. That opens more doors on how a job can be done and who can do those jobs.”

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